Customization Process

ACME Portable Machines, Inc. is partnered with numerous companies around the globe. We develop customized solutions that fit the unique applications for which our partners thrive on. Our years of experience allow us to create cost-effective solutions for thousands of companies. We work with you through the entire process from concept to design. Afterward, the products are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are ready for the market.

As a result, while we have our standard line of products, we also offer services in creating completely unique solutions. Our talented in-house design team have the expertise to bring your big idea to life. Contact us today at +1 (626) 610-1888 to get started on your unique system. The examples below are just a select few of the hundreds that we have built.

Customization Process

Choose the color of your portable computer.

Customize your # of displays.

No Display
1 Display
2 Displays
3 Displays

Integrate Special Interfaces.

Standard MiniPAC

Standard DuraPAC